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What is an interview guide?

What is an interview guide?

An interview guide shows all the attendees, including the candidate, what to expect. It keeps your interview panel on task—which means your candidates will all get the same questions (fairer for everyone). Knowing what to ask also gives the hiring panel more confidence going in, so they can focus on the candidate instead of the questions.

Although it may seem unusual to give questions to the candidates beforehand, research shows it leads to more constructive interviews. Because the prompts rely on candidates' recall of past experiences, giving them time to think of good examples helps them describe what they're capable of in a thoughtful, concise way.

But we understand that not all interviewers may be comfortable with this. Before you send your invite, you can toggle sending the interview guide off if you don't want the candidate to see it in advance.

What does an interview guide look like to candidates?

The candidate-facing interview guide lists details like time, date, and interview lead and the prompts that were selected by the hiring team when designing the interview. Here are some examples.

This example is for an open dialogue interview.

This is an example for a skills-based interview.

Updated on: 01/09/2021

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