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What is an "active" role?

A role is “active” if the role is open to applicants or if there are candidates actively in the pipeline. A role only needs to meet one of the above conditions in order to be considered “active.” You can find a count of the active roles within your company from your “Plan details” page:

So what exactly does this look like? See the examples below for a better idea.

Example 1 — Published role

This role is “active” because it’s published (as indicated by the “Published” text in the bottom bar and the green dot next to the role title):

Example 2 — Candidates in the applied or interview stages:

This role is considered “active” because it has one or more candidates in the applied or interview stages. Note how even though the role isn’t published (as indicated by the red dot next to the role title), it is still deemed “active”:


Your team’s hiring needs will determine how many “active” roles you’ll want to have. We offer two off-the-shelf plans to accommodate:
Trial comes with one active role at a time
Startup comes with 25 active roles at a time

Our third tier, Custom, is meant to support customers who might have different, more demanding, or larger needs. Please reach out to us if this might be the case for you and your team.

Updated on: 21/07/2021

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