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Streamlining the candidate application experience

December 1, 2020

WhoCo is dedicated to making hiring smarter and smart hiring requires an incredible candidate experience. Top talent doesn't have time to waste on the initial job application. That's why we recently launched an improved way for job seekers to apply to your company's published roles.

With this updated experience, applicants will no longer be required to create a WhoCo account in order to apply to a role. They’ll simply enter their name, email, and attach a resume or LinkedIn URL. Then, we’ll ask them to assess their proficiencies on the skills that you chose for the role. That’s it!

As candidates apply, they will be added to your candidate dashboard as "Applied,” but names will be anonymized until applicants are advanced into the interview process. If you view their Player Card, you’ll be able to access their LinkedIn and/or uploaded resume for more information about the applicant. Candidates who start but don’t submit the application will be listed as “Interested”.

Feel free to try it out yourself here.

Updated on: 02/12/2020

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