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How to download the WhoCo sourcing extension

Chrome extension for LinkedIn Sourcing - Setup

Note: You must have a WhoCo Recruiter account to utilize this tool

Supported LinkedIn profiles

Standard Linkedin profiles
Sales Navigator profiles
[coming soon] LinkedIn Recruiter profiles

*Set up*

Download the zip file here
Please note that as we release updates, you will need to download again and redo these steps.
Unzip the file. You’ll get a folder called recruiter-browser-plugin xyz.
Type this into your Chrome URL: chrome://extensions/.
In chrome://extensions/, turn on developer mode.

Click “Load unpacked.”

Choose the folder you unzipped and click “select”.

In your browser bar extensions area, click the puzzle icon and sticky the extension.

To use

Go to WhoCo Talent Search, open the extension (“W”) icon, then go to LinkedIn and open it again.

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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