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How do I set up my company's jobs page?

Companies hiring with WhoCo have access to a branded jobs page to drive applicants directly to all your open roles in a single, maintenance-free page.

Setting up and accessing your company jobs page

The jobs page will automatically populate with roles as soon as they’re published. To view your company’s jobs page, log in to your WhoCo account, click on the “Hiring” tab of the main navigation, and click “Jobs Page” in the dropdown list:

To maximize applicant traffic, link your website to your branded jobs page.

If you already have a jobs or careers page on your website, re-route the URL to your WhoCo jobs page,{your_company_name}
If you don't yet have a jobs or careers page on your website, add a "Jobs" or "Careers" link to your website directing to{your_company_name}

Updated on: 01/12/2020

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