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How do I score candidates and record feedback?

How do I score candidates and record feedback?

WhoCo is designed to make hiring smarter by putting data at the center of it all. It starts with data-driven job descriptions, but the real magic comes into play when every interviewer logs their feedback.

As an interviewer, you'll receive an email notification to provide feedback on a candidate after your interview is complete. You may also notice prompts to leave feedback on the To-Do List of your dashboard. To provide feedback, follow the link and complete the feedback form. If specific skills were being evaluated in the interview, you'll be prompted to rate the candidate on each skill on a scale from 1-5 and provide written evidence to support your rating. If a skill wasn't covered in the interview, you can always mark "Did not assess."

Once all feedback is submitted, WhoCo's data wizardry will aggregate all feedback into a scorecard, featuring an easy-to-understand graphic depicting actual ratings against desired ratings, along with "fit score" and all qualitative feedback. This tool is incredibly valuable when hosting interview debriefs and making that final hiring decision.

Updated on: 10/09/2021

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