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How do I schedule interviews?

How do I schedule interviews in WhoCo?

WhoCo integrates with your calendar so "finding time" is a breeze and you can just focus on hiring the right person. Below we'll explain how to:
Connect your calendar to WhoCo
Schedule an interview event
Share interview guides with participants

Connect your calendar to WhoCo

Whenever you finalize your interview plan, all interviewers will be prompted to connect their calendar to WhoCo. Interviewers can connect their calendar via their Account page. Anyone that hasn't yet to connected their calendar, will also see a yellow banner at the top of their WhoCo dashboard prompting them to get connected. If you are trying to schedule an interview for a candidate and members of the interview panel haven't connected their calendar, their names will be highlighted and you can send them a reminder with just a click.

Once your interview panel has connected their accounts, you're ready to schedule!

Schedule an interview event

You have two options for scheduling interviews:

Let the candidate choose a time

If you want to cut down on the back and forth schedule coordination, you can send the candidate an email with a link to choose their own interview time. From that link, the candidate can select an interview timeslot in which the interviewer(s) is available during working hours (configurable from the Account page). The candidate can make their preferred time selection, which will trigger calendar invites to your team and sets the interview time within the WhoCo platform.

scheduling page sample

As a part of letting the candidate choose a time, you'll have the ability to send a custom message along with the email that contains the scheduling link for the candidate. In the example below, the user who scheduled the interview added the message "Your custom message is displayed here for the candidate!"

Set the time yourself

If you would prefer to set the interview time yourself, have at it! You can toggle to view the interview panel's calendars, check availability, and choose a time.

Share interview guides with participants

However you schedule your interview, you'll always have the option to share an interview guide with candidates. Interview guides provide candidates with an agenda for the interview, including the questions the interviewer(s) plans to ask. This kind of transparency in the hiring process is proven to lead to smarter hiring decisions and strengthens your employer brand. Learn more about the interview guide and why it's important to share with candidates.

Updated on: 23/11/2021

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