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How do I post my role to job boards?

Your job description is ready to share. Now it’s time to get that application in front of qualified candidates. *

In this article we’ll explain the process for publishing a role, sharing the application, and posting the job description to job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, or AngelList.

Publish your role
From the role dashboard, select Publish Role from the “...” menu. If the role is already Published, you will see “Published” in green at the top of the role dashboard, and an option to Close Role from the “...” menu.

After you publish a role, you can share the public URL anywhere. The public job description link will include the full role details and a link to apply for the role, all within WhoCo.

Share your role
To share the role, simply select the Share icon on the top right corner of the role hub. This will display the application URL — that’s the link to your job description where anyone can view and apply for the job. Copy the link and share with prospective candidates, investors, members of your team, or even post to job boards.

When posting your open role on job boards, you will add all of the same content from your job description in the body of the posting. To be sure candidates all flow to the right place within WhoCo, be sure to direct applicants to the application URL.

Some job boards, such as LinkedIn, support applications outside of their own platform. When posting to LinkedIn, select the option to receive applications by an external website. Then input the application URL. For other job boards that don’t support external applications, instruct applicants to apply from the WhoCo application link. We recommend simply adding it to the top or bottom of the job description body.

Review applicants
You’ll see candidate applications in your role dashboard, where you can review credentials, advance top candidates, and deny those that aren’t the right fit.

See our Job Board Directory to explore job boards that fit your hiring needs.*

Updated on: 01/09/2021

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