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How do I manage my candidate pipeline?

Candidate pipelines are a way to visualize your hiring process and where each candidate fits within that process. You can toggle across each stage of your hiring process from your role dashboard to view and take action on any candidates.

Leads serves as your leads or prospecting list. Whenever you find candidates that may be a good fit for a role — through active sourcing, referrals, or personal contacts — add them here as a lead. Once added, you can invite them to apply for the role with just one click.
Applied includes all candidates who applied for the role via WhoCo.
Interviews displays all candidates currently interviewing for the role. This spans across all phases of your interview process.
Offers lists candidates who received or accepted an offer.
Out helps you stay organized by moving any candidates no longer in contention for your role out of the picture. This view will show leads who declined to apply, applicants who withdrew their application, denied applicants, and applicants who declined an offer. You can also manually remove any leads you’re no longer interested in and they will appear in this Out view. Removing a lead does not mean they have been denied, so they can always be evaluated later for this role or another role.

For more information on sourcing your ideal talent profile, check out our candidate sourcing guide.

Pro Tip: Sometimes candidates are a good fit for your company, but maybe not for this particular role. We recommend archiving those candidate and adding a tag to their profile to indicate future interest. That way, they won’t be shown in the role hiring process but can be easily accessed from your All Candidates dashboard later.

Updated on: 24/03/2021

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