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How do I invite someone to complete a work style survey?

Understanding the work style dynamics of your existing team and the relative strengths and challenges of integrating a new team member are foundational components to successful hiring and onboarding. You can use WhoCo to gather work style dynamics for your colleagues and candidates.

Inviting candidates to complete a work style survey

To prompt a candidate to complete their work style survey:

Navigate to their candidate page
Click on the “Work style” tab
If they haven’t completed their work style survey, you’ll see a Send request button. We’ll send an email to the candidate prompting them to take the survey. Please note that the candidate will need to have an email address and be an active candidate for a role in order to send the request.
Once completed, you and your team will be able to see the results in the candidate’s “Work style” tab


Inviting colleagues to complete a work style survey

To prompt a colleague to complete their work style survey:

Navigate to the relevant team page and scroll to the “Roster” section. Here, you’ll see all team members. For those who haven’t taken the work style survey, you’ll be able to trigger an email send prompting them to take it by clicking "Ask to complete work style survey."
Once a team has at least two members who have completed the survey, we’ll be able to generate an analysis explaining how a candidate applying to an open role on the team might mesh.

Updated on: 21/08/2021

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