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How do I embed open roles on my careers page?

Don't have a careers page yet? WhoCo has a custom jobs pages built for you already. View this article for more.

You can easily list all of your open roles on company's careers page with WhoCo's job embed snippet. The snippet is a few lines of code that you copy and paste onto your website. The code can be added manually or through website builders and CMS's like SquareSpace, Webflow, Wix, and Wordpress. It will display your published positions automatically and will inherit your site’s existing styles or your can override these styles with custom CSS.

The jobs embed code can be pasted as it appears below once, you have replaced YOUR_COMPANY_ID_HERE with your company’s unique ID (see below).

<div id="whoco_jobs" data-company-id="YOUR_COMPANY_ID_HERE"></div>
<script src=""></script>

Your company ID can be found by logging into WhoCo and copy the 36 character code that appears after “/companies/” in the URL.

The jobs embed is responsive to the extent your website is also responsive.

Embedded job examples

Un-styled Google Site

Extra customization

By default, the jobs embed will inherent the CSS of the page and parent elements. The HTML inherit CSS for the following tags:

div: container for various elements
h2: team name or job category
ul, li: lists of jobs
a: job title text
p: job details that appear below the title
button: used for the apply button.

You can further customize HTML by applying CSS to the HTML classes. The following classes exist:

whocoJobList: Class for job board (<div>).
whocoTeamName: Class for team/category name (<h2>).
whocoTeamCategory: Class for job list <ul>.
whocoJobContainer: Class for job list item <li>.
whocoJobDescription: Class for job div (<div>).
whocoJobTitle: Class for job title (<a>) .
whocoJobDetails: Class for job details (<p>) .
whocoApplyButton: Class for apply button (<button>).

Updated on: 26/08/2021

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