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How do I customize my job application?

When hiring, you might want to ask certain questions or gather specific pieces of information from candidates as soon as they apply. You can now use WhoCo to customize the job application requirements.

To set your desired job application requirements:

1) Navigate to the role and click the “Customize application” button in the bottom action bar.

2) Establish the information you’d like candidates to include in their application.

3) You can choose to prompt candidates with our standard employment questions or up to 3 custom questions. These standard questions include:
Are you authorized to work in the US? (Y/N)
Are you willing to relocate (Y/N)
How did you find out about this job?
Request up to three web links (GitHub, social media, portfolio/personal website, etc)

What will candidates experience?

In order to apply, candidates will be asked to provide whatever you chose to require.

How will application data be presented?

When you go to their candidate page, you’ll see all of the information they provided when applying (scroll to the bottom to find answers to additional application questions).

Updated on: 11/06/2021

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