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How do I create a job description?

With your company and team all set up, you’re ready to start hiring with WhoCo!

1. Identify your ideal candidate.
Before putting pen to paper, we recommend first thinking about your ideal candidate. What are the skills, experience and background do you want them to have? Of those, what traits do you require and prefer?

2. Start a new role
Select from one of WhoCo’s role templates. These research-backed templates were built based on analysis of thousands of job descriptions with input from hundreds of people who have actually working in these roles. Armed with these templates, you can be confident your search is starting on the right foot.

3. Build out the job description.
Add in the details that make this role yours. Job descriptions created with WhoCo are guided by data, which reduces bias and makes it easier for you to objectively define an ideal match. It’s not just higher quality, though—it also looks like a million bucks.

4. Publish the role.
Once a role is published, the world can see the job description, and candidates can start to apply.

5. Share the job description.
You can post to job boards, share on social media, or send directly to prospective candidates. Candidates can view the role details and apply from the job description. All applicants will be visible from your WhoCo dashboard.

While you wait for applications to come in, design your interview plan. Your interview plan is the foundation for a consistent, smooth, and unbiased hiring process with candidates. Here you’ll determine interview events, set interview skills and questions, and pick interviewers.

Updated on: 01/09/2021

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