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Getting started with Talent search

Getting started

Once you accept your first search as a WhoCo Hiring Expert, you’ll receive an invitation to join the WhoCo Recruiter app.

To start sourcing
STEP 1: Log into the WhoCo Recruiter app
STEP 2: Bookmark this page! You will visit it often.
STEP 3: Navigate to the Search page

⭐️See this video for a full demo of the Talent Search tool

STEP 4: Select the Project you are sourcing for, or if you are directed by a WhoCo Hiring Partner to create your own Project, create one. Similar to LinkedIn Recruiter, the WhoCo Recruiter app allows you to add candidates to “projects”.

To create your own Project

Navigate to Projects page (the Flag icon in the left navigation)

Click “New project” button in the upper right corner of the screen

Highlight the name of the project (it will default to "New project [date] [time]" using the project name in this syntax - Search Name - Role - Your name - Leads for review (what you name it should be different from the actual Client project)

Navigate to Search page (People icon on left navigation)
Select your project from the dropdown
- Any talent added to your project will be saved for review by a WhoCo Hiring Partner but they won’t get enrolled into an outreach campaign

STEP 5: Start searching!
Click the filters icon to open filter groups. You can customize your search results based on a multitude of factors. You can also use one of the saved filters.

STEP 6: Review results and talent profiles.

STEP 7: Add the candidate to your project.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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