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Filters explained

How do I use the search filters?

There are 3 main sets of filters to choose from and there’s more to come!

Standard filters

Keyword nameWhat it does
SkillsThis will search the Skills section of a Talent profile and give you suggestions based on your input
TitleThis will give suggestions on similar Titles given an input
CompaniesCompanies in which a talent currently works or has worked in the past
KeywordsSearches entire Talent profile. Note that the boolean search functionality differs from standard AND/OR/NOT syntax. See further instructions in "Using filters" section.
Location - US MetroSearches all US Metro areas (including suburbs)
Location - CountrySearches entire countries (use United States to filter out candidates outside of the USA)
IndustriesThese selections are based on LinkedIn industries
Years of experienceThis allows a min/max range but you can use either just a min or just a max to search
Company sizeThese are based off Crunchbase data on Companies and are offered in ranges
Years of experience with TitleThis will allow to search specific years of experience within a given Title. NOTE: You must include a Title to search off of
Years of experience at companyThis will allow you to find Talents who have worked at a given company for a certain amount of time. Good for filtering out folks who have worked under a year at a company
SchoolThis allows you to search for Talents who have degrees from specific schools/universities
DegreeThis allows you to search specific degrees like "Bachelors of Arts" or "Masters" or "CPA"
In projectsThis filter will allow you to include/exclude Talents added to a given Project (you'll probably mostly use this for exclusion)
NameA person's First and Last name
Email address(es)Allows you to search one or more email addresses for a match, and also allows you to pull a list of candidates who have no email address given
Linkedin URLSearches LinkedIn URL
SexAllows you to select a search for Male or female candidates
Year of graduationAllows you to search for candidates who have recently or not recently graduated from a School
Title groupThis is a finite list of Titles that contain many subtitles anchored to the chosen Title group

Saved filters

From the Search page, we allow you to save groups of filters you have applied.
💡You should name these groups something sensible so that you remember what it was for (eg, "Susan's list of Accountants on the Westcoast" or "Software engineers for WhoCo"
The more detail you put in the name, the better

This set of filters is found right after Standard filters

Role filters

These filters are generated automatically from the Sourcing Airtable. We pull in:
Years of experience

This is a quick way to jumpstart your search
Here is an example

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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