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Drop down selections & wildcard searching

Drop down selections

As you start typing to search for something, we will open a drop down where you can select from a list, and give you suggestions based on what you type.
Drop down
We will attempt to anticipate what you are going to type and start giving you options to select and you may select as many options as you wish
Although extremely rare, you might not find what you are looking for in the list! You can still search for that word or multi-word input by making it a wildcard search

Wildcard searching

When you want to search for whether a certain Filter category (e.g., Title, Skills, etc.) CONTAINS a word or phrase, you can use what is known as “wildcard” searching syntax.
→ It looks like this: strategic partnerships

Let's see an example using the Title filter

Notice that "Strategic partnerships" is listed in the drop down as well. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! Selecting from the dropdown will look for Talents who have the exact title Strategic partnerships. Nesting it in asterisks (strategic partnerships) will search for Talents who have titles that CONTAIN the words "strategic partnerships"
Wildcard searching is very helpful with Titles for roles that could have many different related titles. Example: *finance* will return any title that contains the word finance like Finance Manager, Finance Director, Director of Finance, or Head of Finance and Operations
Multi-word wildcard searches do not need quotes, unlike keywords searching.

Looking for more info? Check out this helpful video.

Updated on: 17/02/2023

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