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Conferencing Links and scheduling interviews

If you're conducting a video interview, be sure to have a video link in the invitation that is sent to all the interview attendees.
We'll automatically help you do this but we'll always provide the opportunity to control this yourself to offer flexibility.

When select to schedule a candidate, the scheduling modal will appear.
We'll automatically look at the interview lead and if the interview lead has added a conferencing link to their account settings, then we'll pre-fill the Location field with that link. (If ever you want to change that link, you edit your conferencing link by going to your Account page once you click on your own user icon).

If the interview lead never added a link or if you'd like to add a new link, or even add a physical address, you can do that by placing it in the Location field. Whatever is entered into the location field will be inserted into the Location section in the invite, as shown below.

If you're looking to generate a link to put into your Account page or into an interview Location field, follow instructions below. If you don't see your conferencing software listed, please let us know! It's important to keep in mind that you generate a unique link to be used for the interview to avoid any scheduling conflicts where the same meeting link is used for events at the same time. This is one of the reasons we automate to use the Interview Lead's link, because we know that person will be at the interview whereas the person scheduling the interview may not be.

Google Meet
Google doesn't have a person-specific meeting URL. Instead, all Google Meet meetings are generated via a unique link. The good thing is that they can be re-used over and over again and only expire if unused for more than 365 days.

To find...
Log in to Google Meet (
Click New Meeting.
Select “Create a meeting for later”.
Copy the url and paste into WhoCo.

Read more on Google's website

Your PMI is assigned to you automatically as a permanent personal meeting room. You can start it at anytime or schedule it for a future use.
Your PMI is part of your personal meeting URL; for example,

To find...
Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
Click Profile (
Find your Personal Meeting ID in the Meeting section.
Unhide the URL by clicking the eyelid icon, copy URL and paste into WhoCo.

Read more on Zoom's website

A personal meeting room is automatically created for every user. Depending on how your admin set up your account, you may have been assigned a randomly generated URL or perhaps you've created a custom URL.

To find...
Log in at (
The page should already display your personal meeting room details. If it doesn't, click Meetings > My Personal Meeting Room.
Copy the personal meeting room URL and paste into WhoCo.

Read more on GoToMeeting's website

Updated on: 02/09/2021

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